[Bf-committers] softbody experiments

David Bourguignon david-m.bourguignon at wanadoo.fr
Sat Oct 2 09:55:46 CEST 2004

Hi Ton,

I will be there for discussing softbodies at 17h CEST (I guess that's Paris time...) on the usual IRC channel.

I perfectly agree with you concerning the physical realism vs. artist control issue.
I had this in mind at the time I designed my deformable model.

Talk to you soon,


> Hi,
> I've just committed the groundlayers for softbody, in my opinion  
> sufficient to do serious testing of proper algorithms for stable &  
> controllable particle+springs based physics in objects.
> Now I know several people have expressed interest in the topic, to help  
> out with the math/pyhisics here. Maybe we could devote a special irc  
> session to this?
> My idea was to do that 2nd half of our usual sunday meetings (15h GMT,  
> 17h CEST).
> I also like to keep the focus for such work limited, or in small  
> feasible steps forward... full fledged advanced cloth animation is  
> nice, but I see use especially for;
> - enhancing character animation by defining certain parts of geometry  
> to become 'physical' (flubbering skin, flapping ears, etc)
> - have simple yello-based physics and collisions for objects (no true  
> rigid body). This can be made useful by implementing a deforming  
> feature for meshes, so you can have complex geometry bouncing around  
> just deformed by a singe SoftBody Cube.
> - make it working with the current 'particle deflectors' and 'force  
> fields'. Without too much complexity you then can already have waving  
> flag stuff for example. Check how Maya implemented it with 'Goal'!
> http://caad.arch.ethz.ch/info/maya/manual/UserGuide/Dynamics/ 
> SoftBodies.doc.html#178382
> - Most of all; simplicity and in control of artists, not realism.
> -Ton-
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> http://www.blender.org

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