[Bf-committers] configurable hotkeys

Tom Musgrove bf-committers@blender.org
Wed, 26 May 2004 04:56:13 +0000

Hi Trip,

>How will it work [...] Will it be a menu ? Or will it be live like Wings3d 
>where you can just
>assign a key to a button at any time?

The first implementation will be compile your own.  Ie edit the 
KEY_BINDINGS.h file, then recompile.  Right now, I'm just getting the code 
to a point where the keys aren't hard coded in.  After I get this first step 
completed, I'll then probably make them load time configurable.  (Ie you 
edit your KEY_BINDINGS.config file, restart blender and away you go....).  
Then, I'll have a look at some of the programs that let you update your 
keybindings on the fly and see how they went about it.

Tom M.

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