[Bf-committers] Kester, culling

saluk@flashmail.com bf-committers@blender.org
Mon, 24 May 2004 19:02:15 -0700

   So you are working on culling now?  That's great!   This
is what I was working on a while ago, and meant to get back
to more recently (but have been having trouble compiling). 
Can you describe a bit how your doing it?  Also, I haven't
seen a difference in performance on the few things I've
tested.  Does it have to be turned on?

When I was working on it with my dad, he came up with an
optomization with the list and how the game engine adds
objects to be displayed, and it was an extremely noticable
optomization even without the culling.  I'll see if I can
find the code and point it out.  And maybe explain it hehe. 
But we didn't see much difference with culling until we
sorted out that list issue.

But hey, you are THE MAN and thanks so much for giving us
game developers hope.