[Bf-committers] IRC meeting minutes, may 23, 2004

Nathan Letwory bf-committers@blender.org
Mon, 24 May 2004 20:06:34 +0300


1. wiki in projects site

A wiki could be integrated into the projects site. The way wiki works 
could help developers create (better) documentation for the code they 
write/maintain. Michel_ and theeth are a bit sceptic about adding more 
communication tools, and there was also concern about new 
accounts/passwords to remember, but this should be dealt with by 
integrating it with the current accounts. Possible maintainers for this: 
sateh and jesterKing.

Before possibly integrating a wiki sateh will upgrade the current gforge 
installation and then look if an integrated wiki would solve the 
documenting issue. For now people can use 
http://www.letwory.net/collab/bin/view.pl/Blenderdev to experiment with.

2. release scenario proposal

Some thoughts on the release scenario proposal. The proposal is the find 
a way to show the non-committers how they can be of assistence in the 
release process, like testing etc. broken has ideas how to present this 
to the users, for instance with a release progressbar with different 
stages and description and links to regression testsuite.

3. optimized builds (intel)

A user has offered to buy BF a license for the intel optimising 
compiler. Ton will mail him & ML.

4. help menu patch (madprof)

Ton had committed patch, since there had been no response to it. 
Suggested to give madprof commit access to tuhopuu.

5. zoom patch

The patch divides the users and developers nicely in distinct aye and 
nay groups, when it comes to the 'flipping' behaviour. The 'nay' group 
doesn't like the flipping, wants it to be entirely mouseaction relative, 
the 'aye' group thinks its much like scaling the view, thus similar to 
scaling an object. It is decided we wait for variants to this patch.

6. solution for opening compressed files

Due to removing the option to save compressed .blends from 2.30 without 
resetting the 'compressed save' flag it is still possible to save 
compressed files with 2.32 and older versions, making it impossible to 
open those files with 2.33. Compatability for blender publisher files is 
not on the list, though, so people should use Kesters blenderdecompress 

7. 2.34 projects

- particles

Leon is busy with job, so has not much time to work on it atm, but code 
is there. UI (buttons) needs to be integrated better with rest of 
interface, theeth and broken will work on that. Theeth will merge it 
from tuhopuu to bf-blender so it will be in 2.34 officially.

- yafray

jandro was not present, so yafray topic is moved to next meeting.

- UV unwrapper

UV unwrapper will not make it for the 2.34 release, so it stay with 
tuhopuu for now.