[Bf-committers] OpenGL optimisation

Kester Maddock bf-committers@blender.org
Mon, 24 May 2004 20:01:50 +1200

On Monday 24 May 2004 02:33, Richard Berry wrote:
> >From the code it seems as though a number of the glFinish calls are due to
> > problems with GeForce cards but I can't see why the rest are there and
> > can't be replaced by glFlush or removed altogether.
> Both calls effectively flush the rendering pipeline to guarantee that
> drawing will complete at some point. However, glFinish does not return
> until all OpenGL drawing is guaranteed to be complete (effectively stalling
> the CPU / GPU and killing performance), whereas glFlush guarantees that all
> OpenGL drawing will finish in a finite time.
I replaced all the glFinish() with glFlush() to test this ATI, and I'm getting 
very good preliminary results... still some extended Blender testing sessions 
needed. :-)