[Bf-committers] using checksum instead of bundling images for regression tests

Tom Musgrove bf-committers@blender.org
Sat, 22 May 2004 10:55:06 +0000

>And strange suggestion anyway... do you think testers are not
>smart enough to decide if the render is correct or not by just
>comparing it? ;)

As noted by Dan, it would allow the testing to be automated.  Also, a 
checksum would make certain that they were exactly the same, and thus subtle 
differences that are easy to overlook could be caught.  For instance, on my 
computer one of the librarys used for rendering pngs is fairly bad, so doing 
a visual comparison could give false positives (or negatives) for errors.

Are the renders non repeatable due to usage of random functions?  I'd assume 
that we could use a fixed seed in a psuedo random function to garuntee that 
the 'random number's selected could be the same.

Not a major deal, but I thought it might be worth considering,

Tom M.

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