[Bf-committers] VC.Net and the Game Engine

D.J. Capelis bf-committers@blender.org
Mon, 17 May 2004 22:39:41 -0700 (PDT)

--- Joseph Gilbert <models@paposo.com> wrote:
> Uhh... Some of us devs don't use linux. Its
> cool to spite Micro$oft on the
> forums, but it would be nice if commits are
> windows friendly too. I
> frequently find myself spending time figuring
> out workarounds for code
> commited to the gameengine that doesn't compile
> on windows (like this one).
> Currently Ive just unloaded the KX_ modules in
> .NET just to save me the
> trouble. :)

No one is forcing you to use a Microsoft compiler
on a Microsoft system.  GCC is just as available
for Windows as it is for everything else. 
However, there's no need to be hostile to the
Microsoft compiler and I actually think that if
someone works out a patch to include some simple
#ifdefs there's no reason it shouldn't be merged
to fix the problem.

However, if it requires anything funky there's no
need to bend over backwards because you chose a
compiler that's inept at compiling code.  That I
believe, is the fault of whomever choose to use a
bad compiler.  An option that work is available
on all platforms.  I for one find gcc much easier
to use than VC++ on windows.  (Not that I find
myself in that situation much.)

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