[Bf-committers] Problem with /extern/Makefile on OS X?

Hans Lambermont bf-committers@blender.org
Sun, 16 May 2004 20:03:36 +0200

anders.gudmundsson@telia.com wrote:

> changed line 73 in /extern/Makefile(v 1.6):
> @[ -L $(NAN_QHULL)/include/qhull ] || ln -s . $(NAN_QHULL)/include/qhull
> to:
> @[ -d $(NAN_QHULL)/include/qhull ] || ln -s . $(NAN_QHULL)/include/qhull

hehe :) this works for you, but please don't commit this. This works for
you because you already had installed qhull in $(NAN_QHULL) manually. I
*hope* your headers in $(NAN_QHULL)/include/qhull are exactly the same
as in $(NAN_QHULL)/include. To really solve this you have to remove the
$(NAN_QHULL)/include/qhull directory and make it a symlink to .

> then it goes on to complaining about missing glut headers:
> gldemo.cpp:24:21: GL/glut.h: No such file or directory

Ah yes, you need to have glut installed for the demo's to work.

succes !

-- Hans