[Bf-committers] Beta Testing for pre-release versions?

Juan J. Pena Mena bf-committers@blender.org
16 May 2004 09:20:34 -0400

May or may not work.  I mean, CVS versions do come with an implicit
warning: =C2=A8Work In Progress: The code might be broken and/or not compil=
at all.=C2=A8

El dom, 16 de 05 de 2004 a las 09:08, Anders Nilsson escribi=C3=B3:
> I'm not 100% sure of this but there might be consensus for artists
> (correct me if I'm wrong) on not reporting bugs in the CVS-version (for
> non coders). One thing that would be great is if some artists used the
> cvs-version for every-day-work and reported each and every bug. This
> would include both bugs in the code itself and in the building of the
> source on various platforms. My suggestion here is to encourage artists
> to use and report bugs for the cvs-version. I know my artist uses
> blender from the cvs but if something goes wrong he just ignores it and
> hope it fixes itself in the release version. Once release he would file
> a bug report. Had he reported this, the cvs-version would be better.
> Distributing binaries is good too of course.