[Bf-committers] Beta Testing for pre-release versions?

Juan J. Pena Mena bf-committers@blender.org
15 May 2004 15:02:51 -0400

El s=C3=A1b, 15 de 05 de 2004 a las 14:17, Jean-Luc Peuri=C3=A8re escribi=
> Le 15 mai 04, =C3=A0 19:45, Juan J. Pena Mena a =C3=A9crit :
> > It isn't enough to have the group of volunteers, it also takes that=20
> > each
> > platform manager to post (the so far final) binary builds done by
> > himself, and those are the builds that the beta group would test.
> I've done that for the Os X release (in the testing builds forum).
> Result : absolutly no report in 4 days, when there was downloads of
> the binary.
> Taking on hold things already tested by the volunteers has no sense
> if users dont test, and in my experience (on other projects), they=20
> won't,
> they will just play with the new features.

Agreed, that is why I proposed for an official beta testing group (not
just the casual forum passer-by) to use the binaries for EVERYDAY WORK.
And since it is everyday work, it is quite unlikely that it will include
any of the brand new features.

For testing the smoking new features the forum does a terrific job (just
as you said and I said on my first message).

It is on the non glamorous old features that it really shameful watching
Blender been broken from one release to the other. The new features are
new (and thus prone to be kind of broken), but on things like the layer
assigning menu? that is unspeakable!! (that was a in-your-face bug that
still managed to ship on 2.31). Noticing things like that before the
release goes public would be the function of the Beta group.