[Bf-committers] Remappable hotkeys/custom keybindings

Juan J. Pena Mena bf-committers@blender.org
15 May 2004 13:29:50 -0400

El s=C3=A1b, 15 de 05 de 2004 a las 11:05, Matthew H Plough escribi=C3=B3:
> Hi all --
> I am strongly against making Blender's hotkeys user
> definable.  While mimicking another application is
> great for a temporary fix, it does not ultimately
> make the user "fluent" in Blender.  What's nice
> about Blender is that I can go to my friend's house
> and model something just as easily as on my home
> computer.  I can also explain to someone new to the
> program that Shift+S snaps, Alt+G clears location,
> etc.  I can teach Blender effectively because it is
> so standardized.

That is a very weak argument. Have you noticed that almost every
cosmetic thing can be customized, and still Blender ships with a default
*non erasable* theme.?

If you really like the way hotkeys are defined now and don't like the
way your friend has defined his hotkeys, just select the default
=C2=A8hotkeys theme=C2=A8 and you are good to go.  And when you are done us=
your friend's computer, just re enable his own hotkeys theme.