[Bf-committers] Remappable hotkeys/custom keybindings

Ton Roosendaal bf-committers@blender.org
Sat, 15 May 2004 13:43:33 +0200


Maybe not fair to nitpick details, but the examples below don't reflect  
Blender's internal workings. Classifying hotkeys and mouse events will  
have to be based on:

- the global list (works everywhere)
- per window-type
- modal sensitive (editmode, etc)
- context sensitive (selection)
- temporal mode sensitive (during grab, menus, etc)

And there's not something like an 'editmode zoom'...

Mapping out the total of key and mouse events, and restructuring it  
into a coherent proposal is always welcome. Based on that analysis,  
improvements can result in:

- more consistancy in all of Blender
- guidelines for how to code or assign events

The issue whether or not (and how) to have user-defined settings for  
hotkeys then can be evaluated. There are many ways to look at the  
issue, where not all approaches can work together well. For example:

- we need to address the fact there's more functionality in Blender  
than can be accessed with basic hotkeys.
- making things user-definable shouldn't be an excuse for bad design
- designing a hotkey/mouse system could be targeted to find the most  
efficient way to work with Blender
- so is allowing someone to mimic 3ds or maya a real requirement?


On Friday, May 14, 2004, at 16:47 Europe/Amsterdam, Tom Musgrove wrote:

> I just posted this at funboard, but it might be more appropriate for  
> here.  If the framework is setup, would module maintainers (or others)  
> be willing to locate and modify the hotkeys in their sections?
> My below proposal would actually use two files, one contains the  
> below, and the second #defines things like RMB to whatever the actual  
> code is.
> Also, the below might be usable for mouse gestures as well, ie
> ****Begin****
> OK here is a short term solution for custom keybindings - it is compile
> time, so it isn't the correct long term solution.  However, it is  
> trivial to
> do now, and it makes a future 'real solution' much eaiser to implement.
> Essentially we set up a file that for each key has a really long name  
> that
> describes the function
> ie
> if there are mulltiple ways to do the same action then the second way  
> is
> appended with a 2 ie
> etc.
> then, we have the text descriptions above #defined, thus when we go to
> compile, we end up with the same code.
> However, those who really want different keybindings no longer need to  
> hunt
> through dozens of different files.  Also, this could make it much  
> easier to
> create predefined sets of keybindings for the popular alternatives.
> What do you think?
> Tom M.
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