[Bf-committers] Problem with /extern/Makefile on OS X?

Hans Lambermont bf-committers@blender.org
Sat, 15 May 2004 12:28:47 +0200

anders.gudmundsson@telia.com wrote:

> I get this error building with make:
> ln:  
> `/Volumes/HOME/anders/src/Blender/Source/blender/../lib/darwin-6.8- 
> powerpc/qhull/include/qhull/.': cannot overwrite directory

That's weird. And where is the '-s' ? it comes from this line:

  @[ -L $(NAN_QHULL)/include/qhull ] || ln -s .  $(NAN_QHULL)/include/qhull

It is needed because Solid looks for <qhull/qhull.h>

Can you check the '-s' It means that a symlink will be made, not a
hardlink, which should fail.

> If I try to build with scons i get this:
> ranlib  
> /Volumes/HOME/anders/src/Blender/Source/build/darwin/lib/ 
> libblender_yafray.a
> Segmentation fault

That's a ranlib bug. It should never segfault, and even worse: I mailed
Jordan Hubbard of the OSX unix team about the removal of ranlib years
ago as its requirement should be obsolete. Modern unixes don't need

-- Hans