[Bf-committers] Alternate Zoom Behavior

Ton Roosendaal bf-committers@blender.org
Sat, 15 May 2004 11:42:36 +0200


I like it! :)
Feels much better compatible with the way you translate and rotate  
views in Blender, in the sense that it simulates some kind of  
'grabbing' the view.

Since I've switched to a mouse-wheel mouse, I admit I didn't check the  
feature a long time... the wheel scroll feels very natural for zoom as  

Also note, that a precise zoom in at an object is best done with the  
numpad-dot key. Still one my most used numpad keys in Blender.

For me this could be included in Blender as a new default, and true  
improvement. I don't like adding user-presents just for the sake of it.  
But let the others here give it a try too!


On Friday, May 14, 2004, at 22:32 Europe/Amsterdam, Matthew H. Plough  

> Hi everybody --
> I decided that Blender needed another zoom function that is more  
> precise than +/- or scrolling, and less drastic than Ctrl+MMB.   
> Although the current Ctrl+MMB behavior works well for a lot of  
> applications, it does not work properly if you want to get to a  
> precise level instead of flying in and out.  For example, I was trying  
> to model my sunglasses exactly, and was trying to get the image on the  
> screen to be exactly the same size as the lenses, but could not.  This  
> prompted me to make changes to blender/source/blender/src/view.c that  
> make the zoom behavior more like scaling an object.  To use my zoom  
> (which uses Ctrl+MMB), move the mouse toward the center of the screen  
> to zoom out, and move it away to zoom in.
> Note that I have replaced the zoom feature only as a temporary  
> measure; I would like to incorporate both in one of two ways:
> 1) As a preference setting similar to Trackball/Turntable for  
> rotation, or
> 2) As a separate shortcut.
> (2) seems less likely, since Alt emulates MMB, Ctrl zooms, and Shift  
> translates.  Perhaps Ctrl+Shift could be used, but that seems a bit  
> awkward.
> Anyway, the patch is at www.princeton.edu/~mplough/tmp/view.diff.  Any  
> and all feedback is appreciated.
> Matthew Plough
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