[Bf-committers] Alternate Zoom Behavior

Matthew H. Plough bf-committers@blender.org
Fri, 14 May 2004 16:32:27 -0400

Hi everybody --

I decided that Blender needed another zoom function that is more precise 
than +/- or scrolling, and less drastic than Ctrl+MMB.  Although the 
current Ctrl+MMB behavior works well for a lot of applications, it does 
not work properly if you want to get to a precise level instead of 
flying in and out.  For example, I was trying to model my sunglasses 
exactly, and was trying to get the image on the screen to be exactly the 
same size as the lenses, but could not.  This prompted me to make 
changes to blender/source/blender/src/view.c that make the zoom behavior 
more like scaling an object.  To use my zoom (which uses Ctrl+MMB), move 
the mouse toward the center of the screen to zoom out, and move it away 
to zoom in. 

Note that I have replaced the zoom feature only as a temporary measure; 
I would like to incorporate both in one of two ways:
1) As a preference setting similar to Trackball/Turntable for rotation, or
2) As a separate shortcut.

(2) seems less likely, since Alt emulates MMB, Ctrl zooms, and Shift 
translates.  Perhaps Ctrl+Shift could be used, but that seems a bit awkward.

Anyway, the patch is at www.princeton.edu/~mplough/tmp/view.diff.  Any 
and all feedback is appreciated.

Matthew Plough