[Bf-committers] Sum up the long outside viewers po

Tom Musgrove bf-committers@blender.org
Thu, 13 May 2004 03:08:02 +0000

I had planned a similar summary for the Slashdot discussion,

there were three key complaints there - lack of configuration for hotkeys, 
'no documentation', and 'lack of undo'.

For the next release you might consider having a prominent link to the 
updated manual, since searching on the words 'blender manual' turns up older 

Also, it might be worthwhile mentioning the undo methods we have - ie this 
list by mthoenes

Blender has some "undo's", they are just not automated.
1. Material undo:
- copy current material into buffer (the arrow into yellow icon)
- funble with the material, not happy? copy buffer back into material.

2. Mesh edit undo:
- Tab into edit mode.
- funble with the mesh, not happy? Alt-U back the old mesh.

3. Ipo curve undo:
- same buffer system as material.

4. Text editors undo:
- famous alt-Z (alt-X and alt-C as well)

5. Objects undo:
- weird harddisk buffer system
{ctrl-w} {PlusSign} {Enter} (yes saved the file with an added number)
- fumble around with the objects, not happy? {ctrl-o} {enter}


and possibly bundle in the 'virtual undo' script here


I hope these comments were useful,

Tom M.

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