[Bf-committers] Sum up the long outside viewers post

Martin Poirier bf-committers@blender.org
Wed, 12 May 2004 17:56:33 -0700 (PDT)

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This message contains things irrelevent to this
mailing list, feel free to ignore this message and all
others related to the same topic.

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I also read the thread before you did your "summary".

And what a summary it is... Gathering the most useless
and ridiculous comments was a really good idea, you
should do it again.

This one I particularly find funny:
" It would be cheaper for a company to get Maya or XSI
than hire on  
coders to bring a mid level software app like Max or
Lightwave up to  
those levels of high-end 3d production.  I hope Maya
can keep their  
level of quality after all of its corporate issues are
settled.  As I  
grow my little operation I plan to use one of these
apps in my own  
productions "

This guy is probably so busy contemplating his own
superiority that he needs to be reminded to breath.

And this one:
" Im all for blender as an open source app, but it
suffers from the  
same problem as every other open source tool Ive ever
used.  Its  
written by nerds, for nerds.  The only exception Ive
ever come across  
is the Firefox beta "

There must be a lot of nerds running web servers
then... :roll eyes:

This one too:
"I like the interface as it is, but would love it more
if a custom  
palette could be created on the fly like some other
I mean... for crying out loud, ALL the interface
colors are already customizable and gives access to
four (4) different button style. What's missing? A
nice "aqua buttons with refraction and gloss look that
would make all the users happy and world peace"?

And on top of that, you failed to mention the most
commonly given comment, thanks to Appollux for
bringing it up.

Nice summary thread on the forum. It's practicly not
noticeable that you just copy/pasted a majority of the
posts without the headers/footers. Oh wait, YES, IT

Enthusiasm is nice and all, but this, IMHO, is just
getting ridiculous.

Now, if someone COMPETENT would like to give a summary
of that thread, you have my blessing. I'm sure if you
dig through the snobish comments and blatant
ignorance, a lot of useful info can be found in that

This kind of discussion should take care on the
funboard anyway. bf-committers is for development
related discussions and questions, not meaningless
chatter and whinning (not that these have their place
on funboard either, mind you).

PS: Some part of the precious message may sound mean.
Rest assure that this is the desired goal. If one part
is ambiguous and leave you the choice between an
offensive meaning and another one, you can be sure
that I meant the former.
PPS: To all serious users of this mailing list, my
serious and most respectful appologies. I just think,
like Alex, that some thing are meant to be said.

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