[Bf-committers] Ghostlike datablocks

Juan J. Pena M. bf-committers@blender.org
Mon, 10 May 2004 12:48:04 -0400

But what about those objects that just doesn't show at all?
Many times I wish that the data-select window had the same functionallity on
RKEY as it does on the file windows.

Speaking of that: When you are in data-select window (Shift-F4) and select
something, try pressing X and then R. What is that supposed to mean? Did
Blender use to have the R functionallity on the early days and those are
left overs, or what?


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> Hey,
> Some links between objects aren't visualised in the oops window, even
> tho there
> *is* a relation between them. This happens for instance when objects are
> used
> as a texturespace, a texmesh or as bevel objects.
> Just thought to add this to the discussion...
> Rob.
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