[Bf-committers] Os X bundle app and support files

trip bf-committers@blender.org
Sat, 8 May 2004 17:30:24 -0400

> I'm currently fixing the main Sconstruct file so that it builds 
> blender.app bundle correctly,
> with all needed files in the Ressources dir (.Blanguages, .bfont.ttf, 
> locale).
> This part is done, but I have two questions :
> - in Ton builds, a copy of the  .blender dir is also present in the 
> MacOs dir of bundle.
>     Is this really needed ? and why ?
> - should we really put the scripts and plugins folders inside the 
> package ?
>   this is bit unfriendly to access there (no direct access from 
> finder).
>  I find it would be better and more the mac way to put them in
> '~/library/Application support/blender' . The drawdack is that
> you need an installer (which can be a simple applescript in this case).

Yeah but it is easy enough to command show package contents with the 
control click. And installers are sometimes not the mac way, as simple 
is better like drag and drop. Those are the best OSX programs of all, 
simple and quick.

> Jean-luc
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