Antw: Re: [Bf-committers] Subversion <-> CVS

John K. Walton
Fri, 7 May 2004 07:08:32 -0400 (EDT)

On Fri, 7 May 2004 wrote:

> > Stay with CVS, don't want to learn anything else again. It works and is  
> > fast that is good enough...
> Hrm, I feel the same discussion starting all over again as it happened
> with SCons and autoconf. I don't mind what we end up using, as long as
> there are good arguments for using it. CVS has had its time, it's no
> longer actively developed as most of its developers have started on
> the successor: Subversion. That system has (almost) all of the
> features CVS has plus a lot more.

the current system works.
> Now, consider this: If Subversion would still be named cvs, would you
> then consider moving to the new version? The command syntax is almost
> the same; just replace 'cvs' with 'svn' and you're ready to go. How
> hard can it be to learn this?

there is no download for irix, how easy can it be to learn it?
I doesn't know, maybe it doesn't compile under irix. maybe like
autoconf and scons i have to put in all this extra work with 
has nothing to do with the core value - blender features.

no binary for irix:

> On irc we've had many times where we said "I wish we had Subversion
> for this situation". So, this means that cvs can't do the work we want
> it to do. For a user, not much will change. Installing Subversion is
> as easy as installing cvs. Using Subversion is as easy as cvs; some
> new commands will need to be learned, that's all. Maintaining a
> Subversion repository is something that I'm not familiar with. So I
> can't and won't comment on that.

no, there IS a version of cvs (current) that works on irix.
so there's a LOT of change.

> I may have been a bit emotional in the above reply, but I try to give
> decent arguments. Do you buy a car and drive it for the rest of your
> life, or do you buy a new car once in a while because the newer car
> has features more to your liking? I guess not, because you're used to
> your old car and it works. Well, I doubt that's the case.

when you are working on a crossplatform tool, you have to consider ALL the

again: cvs works. (and yes, i buy a car and drive it until it dies because
the value in the car is getting from one place to another, and its take
significant value to change cars, not having a convenient irix build of
subversion is a measure or its value to me)

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>                Michel
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