[Bf-committers] Error in OS X Build?

Jean-Luc Peurière bf-committers@blender.org
Fri, 7 May 2004 00:28:40 +0200

Le 6 mai 04, à 22:52, Jasper Mine a écrit :

>   It works like a charm here.  I think our two binaries differ in the =

> fact that I am using make.  It doesn't take much to edit the 
> nan_definitions file to use the autotools make system.  I really 
> recommend this over scons.

libfreetype (installed from dev CD) is 392 ko in X11R6 and 1.6 Mo in 
/opt/local or /sw. That's clearly not the same lib. The bug affect only 
text objects.

The one in /opt/local is freetype2 but Apple furnished one with X11 is 
freetype1 I suppose. If some unix ports are installed directly it may 
been replaced but you can't be sure. Much safer to compile statically. 
We aim for 10.3 builds and beyond to be completly dependencies free as 
python is system provided. For 10.2 dynamic linking to /sw is ok as in 
any case you will need to install python.

Ideally, it is just a matter of changing settings in config.opt file to 
choose how libraries are build (precomp, framework, sources, static or 

As for using make, build 10.2 use make and take all from /sw. Official 
build tools are make and scons, but the latter, if very new, is better 
and much more prone to future enhancements as it really permit to 
control exactly what you do. It still need much work however (at least 
specific to the platform).

I will commit at end of week the scons files used for release (with 
some enhancements I hope)

the official irc channel for dev is #blendercoders on freenode. I don't 
have time to go elsewhere, but feel free to come here