[Bf-committers] url handlers / help-system / *nix

Daniel Fairhead bf-committers@blender.org
Thu, 6 May 2004 12:27:08 +0300

> >
> > On Os X just pass 'open <fully qualified URL>' to a shell, and
> > the default browser set in internet preferences will fire.
> > 
> > No need to bother with an env var, this is handled at system level.
> > 
> Similarly, for Windows this fires off a browser from within a C program...
>   system("cmd /C \"start http://xx.xx.xx/\"");

quite... i had this already (similar) for windows, which is why I asked
about *nix systems.

Matt said:
> Apparently this is very easy to do with the Python webbrowser 
> module. Check out this thread on blender.org, where it's been
> discussed already:

Yep. Basicially it does $BROWSER, if set, and if not, then tries a bunch of
hard-coded alternatives. For me, when I unset $BROWSER, it launched
galeon, which I have not used for *months*. It could easily be ported into
c and into blender, as calling a python module seems a bit O.T.T, but I can
already write a guessing system which is more likely to be accurate. But is
is also fairly large and complex.

John K. Walton said:
> considering there is a fair amount of incompatibility amoungst broswers
> between the various blender supported platforms, i'm suprised that an HTML
> based help system is even under discussion.

I was thinking more of just a few clickable links to blender3d.com /cms helpfiles,
and possibly the README.html or so for offline. A full local help-system would require
much much much thought and work.

Dan "Oh well" MadProf