[Bf-committers] url handlers / help-system / *nix

Jean-Luc Peurière bf-committers@blender.org
Thu, 6 May 2004 02:12:23 +0200

Le 6 mai 04, à 01:28, Kent Mein a écrit :

> In reply to Daniel Fairhead (madprof@uk2.net):
> I'd say check the var first, if its not defined on Windows use IE
> on OSX use safari (if safari is optional maybe try to find it first
> if not found default to mozilla.)
> everywhere else try mozilla.
> Defiantly print the warning though if $BROWSER is not set.

On Os X just pass 'open <fully qualified URL>' to a shell, and
the default browser set in internet preferences will fire.

No need to bother with an env var, this is handled at system level.

adding -a 'nameofapplication' choose a non default one (this is a bad 

Works from 10.2 and later.

Note : by fully qualified, i mean "http://....."

mailto:, ftp: or regular files will be also recognised and handled