[Bf-committers] Os X platform managing

Christian Plessl bf-committers@blender.org
Wed, 5 May 2004 15:48:07 +0200

On 04.05.2004, at 21:20 Uhr, Jean-Luc Peuri=E8re wrote:

> I speak of the libs which must be separately installed in /sw or=20
> /usr/x11R6.
> When building the release, I had the problem of having one (freetype)=20=

> correctly named but of the wrong version in X11R6. This resulted in=20
> drawing bug. Having one set of correct libs available as separate=20
> download would insure that even the not too experienced but curious=20
> could build from source.
> Then when finally installing the good one (from another location on=20
> the disk), the angry god of paths lib make sure that gcc pick up=20
> another wrong one.
> I solved this by putting all external libs (or a link) in the lib tree=20=

> and reducing the path lib to only that and system. As the libs go in a=20=

> separate tree in CVS, there is no drawback for the experienced coders.

My vote goes also for including all libs that blender uses and that are=20=

not part of a default OS X installation should go into the lib tree in=20=

CVS in precompiled form.

IMHO it should be able to to build blender without any additional=20
installation of libraries via fink/darwinports etc.