[Bf-committers] Os X platform managing

Ton Roosendaal bf-committers@blender.org
Tue, 4 May 2004 22:21:54 +0200

Hi Hans,

I don't use the make release output (tgz) for the actual release, but  
just copy the binary from it and copy to another directory with an  
extra OSX readme.rtf in it.
I then make it a .dmg (diskimage) by hand, this format seems to be  
preferred standard for osx binary releases.

Since its manual labour, the question how to get the naming from darwin  
isn't too important for now. My idea is to just name the distro:  


On Tuesday, May 4, 2004, at 20:41 Europe/Amsterdam, Hans Lambermont  

> Jean-Luc Peuri?re wrote:
>> - we need to have all precompiled lib in CVS
> Just curious: why ?
>> - Ton proposed too to change the naming convention, as many users wont
>> know their darwin version, but can immediatly cite the Os X one.
> Yes, you can blame me for using config.guess for the current name. I
> didn't (and don't) know a good alternative that can be
> machine-generated. I wasn't happy with darwin and its version too.
> What would the ideal naming scheme look like ?
>     mac-10.3.3-powerpc
>     mac-10.3-powerpc
>     macosx-10.3.3-powerpc
>     osx-10.3.3-powerpc
> Would 10.3 be enough ? Or do we need the extra .3 in 10.3.3 ?
> And how can one get the 10.3.3 OSX version from darwin ?
> -- Hans
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