[Bf-committers] Os X platform managing

Ton Roosendaal bf-committers@blender.org
Tue, 4 May 2004 22:16:15 +0200


Nice overview! :)
Since Luc also is regularly on IRC I could already talk a bit with him =20=

about it, and think he is a good candidate for the job.

For the others on this list who expressed interest to help tackling =20
issues, just keep communicating here with Luc on what you like to do.


On Tuesday, May 4, 2004, at 20:07 Europe/Amsterdam, Jean-Luc Peuri=E8re =20=


> Ton has requested help on the Os X bizz. He and Stefan Gartner dont =20=

> have enough time to do all they need to.
> Per its words:
> The role of Platform Managers is:
> - to keep track of fitness of changes in Makefiles, Scons, and MSVC =20=

> project files
> - checking platform dependent code, keeping Blender cross platform
> - advise on the minimum required tools versions (OS release, compiler =20=

> version, installer, etc)
> - assist in making a release
> I've helped a bit in hurry making the 10.3 build last week. After an =20=

> initial mistake, It seems to be ok, and appreciated
> from the feedback in elysiun and blenderclan (French user group). On =20=

> the latter, Some young guys were happy to be
> for the first time able to use some pythons scripts as they did not =20=

> succeed previously using fink. It's true doc is available,
> but mainly in english.
> Last meeting, Ton proposed that I took the role for 10.3 and =20
> Jaspermine has also offered his help.
> I have a 10.3 G4 and can setup back a 10.2 comp too.
> It doesn't matter for me who do the job, as long it is done.
> As I see things :
> - there is still some Os X specific things to add to scons. I've =20
> provided Sunday a cvs diff of the changes I was forced to make the =20
> release build. Can it be committed (I've no acces) or should I go a =20=

> little further and propose a more advanced one a bit later.
> The Scons files is broken in the part of building which remove the CVS =
> and desktop file from .app, and dont add the .Blanguage and .Bfont =20
> files. I was forced to add them by hand.
> - should we remove the Pbuilder project (very out of date) and add an =20=

> XCode one ? XCode has some advanced features, and it should be > =
> to configure it to use the scons files (It is not very important in my =
> mind, and a bit complex to keep in sync).
> - The bug #799 is back, it must be erased definitively (international =20=

> keyboard support in GHOST).
> - Ton spoke of adding a bit of doc about the support of python and =20
> setting the python site path. I agreed to do that. How it should be =20=

> done, HTML for the CMS or pdf as distribution file ?
> - We need python to be installed on the system only for using the =20
> external modules. A way of reunite the two builds would be to compile =20=

> python core in blender in all cases and make a package that install =20=

> the external modules on 10.2 system only. You only need to set the =20
> site dir variable depending of system.
> - As python is now a framework, we can be sure that a system upgrade =20=

> wont brake python support, as a framework keep a copy of old versions.
> - we need to have all precompiled lib in CVS
> - Ton proposed too to change the naming convention, as many users wont =
> know their darwin version, but can immediatly cite the Os X one.
> Can I have your comments on all that.
> -- =20
> Jean-luc
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