[Bf-committers] Os X platform managing

Jean-Luc Peurière bf-committers@blender.org
Tue, 4 May 2004 20:07:31 +0200

Ton has requested help on the Os X bizz. He and Stefan Gartner dont 
have enough time to do all they need to.

Per its words:
The role of Platform Managers is:
- to keep track of fitness of changes in Makefiles, Scons, and MSVC 
project files
- checking platform dependent code, keeping Blender cross platform
- advise on the minimum required tools versions (OS release, compiler 
version, installer, etc)
- assist in making a release

I've helped a bit in hurry making the 10.3 build last week. After an 
initial mistake, It seems to be ok, and appreciated
from the feedback in elysiun and blenderclan (French user group). On 
the latter, Some young guys were happy to be
for the first time able to use some pythons scripts as they did not 
succeed previously using fink. It's true doc is available,
but mainly in english.

Last meeting, Ton proposed that I took the role for 10.3 and Jaspermine 
has also offered his help.
I have a 10.3 G4 and can setup back a 10.2 comp too.

It doesn't matter for me who do the job, as long it is done.

As I see things :

- there is still some Os X specific things to add to scons. I've 
provided Sunday a cvs diff of the changes I was forced to make the 
release build. Can it be committed (I've no acces) or should I go a 
little further and propose a more advanced one a bit later.
The Scons files is broken in the part of building which remove the CVS 
and desktop file from .app, and dont add the .Blanguage and .Bfont 
files. I was forced to add them by hand.
- should we remove the Pbuilder project (very out of date) and add an 
XCode one ? XCode has some advanced features, and it should be possible
to configure it to use the scons files (It is not very important in my 
mind, and a bit complex to keep in sync).
- The bug #799 is back, it must be erased definitively (international 
keyboard support in GHOST).
- Ton spoke of adding a bit of doc about the support of python and 
setting the python site path. I agreed to do that. How it should be 
done, HTML for the CMS or pdf as distribution file ?
- We need python to be installed on the system only for using the 
external modules. A way of reunite the two builds would be to compile 
python core in blender in all cases and make a package that install the 
external modules on 10.2 system only. You only need to set the site dir 
variable depending of system.
- As python is now a framework, we can be sure that a system upgrade 
wont brake python support, as a framework keep a copy of old versions.
- we need to have all precompiled lib in CVS
- Ton proposed too to change the naming convention, as many users wont 
know their darwin version, but can immediatly cite the Os X one.

Can I have your comments on all that.