[Bf-committers] Particle experiments - looking for feedback

Leon Turner bf-committers@blender.org
Sat, 1 May 2004 14:16:12 +0900

Thanks for the positive comments all! Looking forward (I think!) to
thoughts on the code itself...

Bischofftep - yup, the screen shots are from Tuhopuu. The link I
posted to the windows binary has the functionality if you have windows
and want to try it!

Alexander - you're right about non-planar quads (although it works
fine with planar quads) - particles do leak in this case. I'm in two
minds on this: on the one hand it would be nice to allow non-planar
quads, and it wouldn't be too difficult to code.

On the other hand, the collision detection is quite fast at the moment
- at first I only have to check whether the particle has crossed a
single plane. If not, there's no more calculation needed, otherwise it
proceeds with actual collision detection with the face. What do you