[Bf-committers] Tool tips translation status

Dave Stone bf-committers@blender.org
Tue, 30 Mar 2004 18:56:36 -0500

I've got all of the tool tips extracted from the source code that were 
hard-coded into the various uiDefBut routines. There are a number of calls 
that either don't have tool tips, don't have a button/menu label (it's ""), 
or aren't hard-coded and I've not gone through actual code to determine 
what these might be (yet). However this still gives approximately 1300 tool 
tips. I'll be going through the code and identifying which tip goes with 
what panel/button and/or menu and organizing the template accordingly. If I 
get around to it (and I'm hoping someone beats me to it nudge nudge hint 
hint) the makefile for compiling the translations should be re-written to 
use Scons instead.

Currently, there are translators for Dutch, Finnish, French, German, and 
Czech. I've sent messages out to a number of others who might be able to 
help, but I'm still waiting for replies. I've not been able to identify 
anyone who speaks Catalan or Japanese, so if you know of anyone (or any 
website) I should contact, please let me know.