[Bf-committers] Who is this chap?

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Man those virus writers are smart! Constructed a perfectly plausable =
question about the booleans! As for blender.org I thought maybe you had =
given some space over to some of the elite blender coders or something. =
Oh well thought there for a brief moment that someone might want to help =
with the implementation (*)<sniff>


* Still one quite difficult piece to solve, I would be gald of any =

The boolean code basically falls in 3 steps,

1) Identify the intersecting polyons
2) Split them all with respect to each other
3) Classify all of the polygons you have created as either =
inside/outside the original meshes

Now so far 1 and 3 work fine and are quite robust. Step 2 is easy to do =
naively in the following way:

For each polygon intersection pair identified in 1, split each polygon =
with the plane of the other. Dead easy but also generates far too many =

To make the boolean code at all usefull I need to come up with a simple, =
robust algorithm that creates a minimal number of polygons. This is very =
similar to the knife cut problem, except that there can be many knife =
cuts and also closed cut paths. Coming up with something simple to =
implement is quite challenging, and I would be glad of some insights. I =
have looked into using constrained delauney trianglulation ( a =
generalization of this problem), and there is even some code out there, =
but its too complex man. Polygons are really ugly to code for.

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Apart from mailinglists, there's only one person using blender.org =20
email, and that's me.
Any other mail with that domain is just spam or virus...

I'd think that was quite obvious, eh! :)


On Monday, Mar 29, 2004, at 22:28 Europe/Amsterdam, Compman wrote:

> Look and see if the full headers of the email tell you anything. They  =

> should show you the route it tool to get to your mailserver and =20
> (hopefully) the IP Address and hostname of the sender. (Assuming they  =

> didn't spoof everything).
> -Compman
> At 10:45 AM 3/29/2004, you wrote:
>> Got an email today from this bloke about the boolean code, could not  =

>> reply to his email address. Does anybody know who he is?
>> Unknown geezer: Jeremy Wite <dudyspam101@blender.org>
>> Thanks,
>> Laurence.
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