[Bf-committers] UI Translation

Rob Haarsma bf-committers@blender.org
Thu, 25 Mar 2004 13:48:07 +0100

Ton Roosendaal wrote:

> Hi,
> Maybe we don't have to disable the other options, but clearly  
> communicate the current support level is limited to tooltips. Also  
> menus can get tooltips BTW.
> I still think these conditions should be met:
> - create a default template for translators to contribute to, based 
> on  tooltips only.
> - organizing all of the translators (communicating with them, maillist?)
> - find a means how to handle releases (new or changed tooltips).
> - testing and make sure the releases work for it
> - public support page on website describing how the system works, and  
> how to contribute to it.
> In contrary to other Blender features, UI translations also puts a 
> high  demand on organizational and support level. Without that we 
> better not  even think of it.
> Or simply said: who accepts to be responsible and manage it!
> -Ton-

Again, why focus only on tooltips ?

If you seriously consider to supply a default template for tooltip 
translation than the job is 95 % done.
The toolbox and pulldown menu's are fairly easy added once the tooltips 
template is written.
And as long as noone bothers with a rewrite, maybe the the translation 
options can be left enabled,
the worst thing that can go wrong is that a translation doesn't occur.

Unfortunately I havent got the time to volunteer for the tasks that you 
propose. So you might as well
do as you wish. I just think that limiting to tooltips only isn't making 
the job any easier.