[Bf-committers] AO patch

Daniel Fairhead bf-committers@blender.org
Mon, 22 Mar 2004 23:29:05 +0200

> I have run out of time to complete this, so it still
> needs work, I hope whoever is going to review this,
> won't have too much trouble with it. But it isn't very
> difficult really (I hope...).

I have had a play with it... it seems very cool indeed, and
I found no problems at all. Indoor scenes, outdoor scenes,
Suzanne-on-checkered-floor scenes... etc.

One thing I did find was that it was v e r y slow on this
computer, even with 8 or so samples. This:
looked interesting, but myself being the brain-dead layabout
that I am, I have no idea how useful it is.

I have a small question about AO... it is possible to have AO check
the colours of close objects too? I know this would slow it down
probably even more, but wouldn't that improve realism? Or would
it just be silly, and full radiosity be more worth while for this?

Anyway, all works very well here!