[Bf-committers] Bringing Tuhopuu2 gameengine (Solid) to bf-blender

Chris Want bf-committers@blender.org
Thu, 11 Mar 2004 11:04:07 -0700

I personally thing this is premature. We have yet to
have a successful build with msvc 6 using the projectfiles
(if you read the tuhopuu-devel mailing list, you'd see that
we are working on this currently). Things like building
solid correctly using windows-gcc has also proven to be
very difficult (have you tested that?), so I think I
would advise against building the libs from the extern
sources and use a precompiled lib.


Nathan Letwory wrote:
> Hi,
> Lately I have been testing the t2 solid engine in bf, and it looks like 
> porting it is no big problem. I have been corresponding with Kester 
> about this and as a result of that I'll be committing the solid engine 
> to bf CVS.
> I'm doing tonight the last testing on Linux, so I'm sure that it'll 
> compile out of the box at least with SCons on both systems.
> After the port has been made bf-blender will compile with the solid 
> engine as default, since this is also the target for the gameengine 
> anyway. This could mean that ODE won't work well for a while. With the 
> port well have sound back again too (OpenAL).
> Solid and qhull will be built from the extern/ directory, so it should 
> not be necessary anymore to use the options in the configuration file. 
> Please check also if solid and qhull get built with the right flags for 
> your own platform (the Solid SConscript uses only the user_options_dict 
> variable from the SConstruct).
> There are still some issues with the gameengine, but after this port 
> it'll be easier to keep the engine in sync with the tuhopuu2 progress on 
> this area. That said, a great deal of the gamedemos I've tried 
> (http://www.angelfire.com/ego/spinhead/blendergames/ and demos provided 
> by Ton) work pretty well. As said, there are still some issues, but I'm 
> confident that these will be ironed out in time.
> After the port I'll keep contact with Kester and try to help him out as 
> much as I can.
> So people with Makefile and MSVC6 project files should check after the 
> port has been made if their processes still work with the gameengine 
> enabled.
> For what it's all worth,
> /Nathan
> jesterKing
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