[Bf-committers] Bringing Tuhopuu2 gameengine (Solid) to bf-blender

Nathan Letwory bf-committers@blender.org
Thu, 11 Mar 2004 19:42:38 +0200


Lately I have been testing the t2 solid engine in bf, and it looks like 
porting it is no big problem. I have been corresponding with Kester 
about this and as a result of that I'll be committing the solid engine 
to bf CVS.

I'm doing tonight the last testing on Linux, so I'm sure that it'll 
compile out of the box at least with SCons on both systems.

After the port has been made bf-blender will compile with the solid 
engine as default, since this is also the target for the gameengine 
anyway. This could mean that ODE won't work well for a while. With the 
port well have sound back again too (OpenAL).

Solid and qhull will be built from the extern/ directory, so it should 
not be necessary anymore to use the options in the configuration file. 
Please check also if solid and qhull get built with the right flags for 
your own platform (the Solid SConscript uses only the user_options_dict 
variable from the SConstruct).

There are still some issues with the gameengine, but after this port 
it'll be easier to keep the engine in sync with the tuhopuu2 progress on 
this area. That said, a great deal of the gamedemos I've tried 
(http://www.angelfire.com/ego/spinhead/blendergames/ and demos provided 
by Ton) work pretty well. As said, there are still some issues, but I'm 
confident that these will be ironed out in time.

After the port I'll keep contact with Kester and try to help him out as 
much as I can.

So people with Makefile and MSVC6 project files should check after the 
port has been made if their processes still work with the gameengine 

For what it's all worth,