Patch: Re: [Bf-committers] SCons on OS X

Douglas Bischoff
Tue, 9 Mar 2004 16:13:42 -0500

On Mar 09, 2004, at 15:32, Christian Plessl wrote:

>> 2) Linking seems to be broken on OS X. The final linking pass calls:
>> gcc " -framework Carbon" " -framework AGL" " -framework QuickTime" 
>> etc. etc. etc.
>> The linker doesn't like the quotes around these calls, and errors 
>> out. I tried several permutations of the SConstruct file trying to 
>> eliminate this, but none seemed to work.
> I have submitted a patch to this mailing list that should fix these 
> issues back in january, but the patch has not been commited to cvs 
> unfortunately.

The patch submitted doesn't seem to get around the issue of missing 
files. One oddity that I noticed is that the system library root was 
specified to be INSIDE the OpenGL library... this seemed odd.

Unfortunately, without getting past THIS issue, the issues of the objc 
library (which shouldn't be required as far as I know) and linking 
Python via -framework Python vs. linking via -lpython didn't come up 

Anyone have ideas? Was there a successful MacOS X compile on this yet?