[Bf-committers] Align/Alter in Tuhopuu

Robert Tiess bf-committers@blender.org
Sat, 06 Mar 2004 21:52:13 -0500

I just downloaded Tuhopuu to check out the Align/Alter Object addition.
Several of the functions seem to have entirely different (and undesirable)
behaviors in Tuhopuu than in the latest bf-blender source I had used as
the foundation to design and test the Align/Alter code within.

Some strangeness I've observed:  objects disappear during free and
random resizing, random rotations and relocations.  Pressing N on one
of the "disappeared" object cursors often revealed a value of  "-1.#10"
after a random rotation.  Most relocated objects are nowhere to be seen.

I've never experimented much with Tuhopuu before, but I do realize it's
used as a testing ground for new stuff, so hopefully there's an explanation
for the odd behaviors.  


(RobertT on Elysiun.com)