[Bf-committers] Scons linking errors & C++?

bf-committers@blender.org bf-committers@blender.org
Mon, 01 Mar 2004 21:56:46 -0600

I'm no scons expert, nor lover, :-), but I've fought a
few of these battles already so I'll give you the benefit
of my experience.

The current SConstruct doesn't add the stdc++ library
and on my system I got silimar errors you did. I resolved
this by adding 'stdc++' to
     platform_libs = ['m', 'util', 'stdc++', 'freetype']
in the top level SConstruct.  I added freetype as well,
although you need to hack further to actually get
freetype working if you aren't building an intl version.

The pkg-config error is coming from the code tyying
to find freetype2.  While my SuSE system has pkg-config,
SuSE's freetype2 install doesn't provide the .pc file
for it, so in blender/SConstruct I changed mine to:
      freetype_env.ParseConfig ('pkg-config --cflags --libs freetype2 2> 
/dev/null || freetype-config --cflags --libs')

I don't think that's actually causing your problems though,
but it'll eliminate the spam.  And actually, I don't think
it helps me other than that either as I have to manually put
the freetype configuration stuff in anyway to get it to

Also, it helps to remove your config.opts file in your
top level blender directory.  The variables in this only
get added when it doesn't exist, so if you don't remove
it once in awhile, you'll never know about new configuration
options.  So, rm it, then run scons and terminate it when
it starts building then edit config.opts to configure your

There's probably better ways of doing this, but until someone
else replies, maybe this will be enough to get you going.

Todd Koeckeritz, zaz@visi.com

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