[Bf-committers] A contribution

Stephane SOPPERA bf-committers@blender.org
Wed, 30 Jun 2004 08:50:49 +0000

Dan Brown wrote:

> Ok, I've made a simple one for just the metadata. It is at 
> http://www.harthinian.com/emptymeta1.jpg
> The edit panel at the bottom has the new metadata fields. This is to 
> show that exporting this file to my engine, it knows that this point 
> is the corner of a door, which mesh/material to use, which way it is 
> open and closed, where it leads and if it is locked/which key to use. 
> It would be done with normal Blender editable string control. I have 
> made 8 slots, but the actual number could be a parameter in the config 
> panel. There are a few other Empties in that room, One on a lamp, on 
> for a player start position, and one I attach to the camera for a 
> look-at point. The startpos and lamp ones would also benefit from 
> having extra data attached to them.
> I am currently doing a similar thing by having a text file attached 
> with all these properies in, but it isn't as easy to use and can't 
> handle things like object name changes and means switching away froma 
> 3d view to view/change it.

Why not using the gameengine properties?
In the last CVS version of blender, you can access these properties 
using python.

Stephane SOPPERA