[Bf-committers] Bordeaux replacement needed.

Ton Roosendaal bf-committers@blender.org
Tue, 29 Jun 2004 20:14:24 +0200


Just to give this sad story a positive twist:

This conference paid for flight and hotel expenses. Although I cannot  
speak for the organization, if someone quickly jumps in it might be  
well possible you get all expenses compensated too. Even with a  
somewhat reduced program (for example if you only demonstrate blender  
and give a user-course).

Although finding a french person would be most appropriate, but  
anything is possible, now who dares! Cheap holidays in sunny France! :)


On Tuesday, Jun 29, 2004, at 17:11 Europe/Amsterdam, Nathan Letwory  

> Hi all,
> yesterday I had a dramatic message in the mail, which in effect  
> renders it
> impossible for me to even go to Bordeaux LSM 2004 (RMLL) for the period
> 6-10 July to give the presentations that I had in mind (see:
> http://wiki.ael.be/rmll2004/index.php/ 
> MusiqueEtAutresDomainesArtistiques).
> I'm very sad about this fact, that the conference will now lack a
> substantial part of their program, but most of all, that I can't be  
> there
> presenting Blender as Open Source and what all can be achieved with  
> it. As
> you can see, the program is quite extensive, but what I'm now hoping  
> for
> is that someone, who has the possibility to go could even give a  
> Blender
> demo.
> I've already contacted the person that has been organising my part of  
> the
> conference to cancel my flight tickets and all other reservations. I  
> know
> this is on (very) short notice, and I still await a reply of Camille
> Harang, but I hope we can work something out here to get Blender  
> visible
> on this Conference.
> If you are at any chance availabe to go to Bordeaux, France, then  
> please
> contact me asap.
> With a heavy heart,
> /Nathan
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