[Bf-committers] Scons roundup

Ton Roosendaal bf-committers@blender.org
Mon, 28 Jun 2004 10:52:46 +0200


>> What we need is a *default* scons 'developing' setting, where:
>> - it only checks for changed C files in the current directory (not the
>> includes!)
> What? I wouldn't trust it, crashes can appear everywhere.

You miss the point.
I just want the choice to run scons without dependencies because I know  
this code much better than any make system does! :)

If in doubt, you can just call the option to include dependencies.


> I would recomend to cache the dependencies someway. Or is it already
> done?
>> BTW: Changes in Scons settings shouldn't cause recompiles at all. For
> Except for certain things like -D flags. I think scons people have  
> still
> some work to do.
> What takes very long for me is to start the build. Maybe because it
> recalculates dependencies each time, don't know. Hope we have a new
> scons release soon, there are also some silly problems building shared
> libraries on os x that force you to hardcode flags.
> jandro
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