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Juan J. Pena M. bf-committers@blender.org
Fri, 25 Jun 2004 05:53:49 -0400

I know this isn' t a Q&A forum, but on those 2-3 times, did you remember
that Blender saves your last changes automatically into "quit.blend" every
time you quick Blender?

* However, I used to think that all the Ctrl-whatever (when that
Ctrl-Whatever isn't especifially assigned to a command but "whatever" alone
is), has been removed some versions ago.. I remember that Ctrl-F12 was left
in because some OSX CD-Ejecting issues, but supposely all the other
"complimentary" Ctrl-xxx were removed ... hmmmmm

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> Hi, at the risk of sounding pettie I have a suggestion.
> Thats is the Ctrl+Q be removed, and not activate the quit menu. keep Q
> alone for quit
> The resion being that the Qkey is next to the Wkey and when in a fast
> workflow its possible to hit    Ctrl+Q, Enter
> without realizing that you are quitting rather then saving.
> I have probably only dont this 2-3 times (I use blender every day) but
> its still a pain when it happes.
> - Cam
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