[Bf-committers] Scons Mingw Build environment

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Sun, 20 Jun 2004 22:33:54 -0500


I couldn't stop working on it even after I should have stopped and 
taken a break. The result? I fixed the problem outlined in the 
previous email now it just has a whole bunch of unresolved references 
to sort out. I'm putting it away for the night now. Really I am!!

I'll get a patch of what I did and send it to the list tomorrow. 
Maybe someone can help sort out the unresolved symbol issues.

This is really close I think to being workable. I know a number of 
people have been looking for a way to use mingw on windows and so I 
hope this is of interest to all of ya.

> I've almost got a working build using MingW and scons.
> I've hacked the sconsctuct and sconscript files to create a mingw 
> build environment which can be activated by typing scons mingw=1
> I've added a hack to handle the long command line bug.
> mingw doesn't like the quicktime code so it's disabled in the build 
> environment.
> The last hurdle I think is in the linking stage it can't find 
> extern_solid for starters. I don't know enough about scons to get 
> point it in the right direction. For all I know it's not getting 
> built or I've missed something in configuring the build environment. 
> If anyone is interested it helping me out I'll be happy to provide a 
> patch of the files, and the error I got.
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