[Bf-committers] PupColourPick

Campbell Barton bf-committers@blender.org
Wed, 16 Jun 2004 20:08:17 +1000

Yeah, most of the time Id still use the rgb sliders too, Im not about to 
remove them (even If I could) but a somtimes its good to have a more 
advanced colour picker.
INtend to have hex values, 0/255 and 0.0/1.0.

About the watercolour picker, Id add it after the default gimp picker if 
at all, becasue they are good for different purposes but I feel the 
GimpDefault is a better general picker.
More could be added later.

Im all for having higher lever widgets since it helps people write 
python scripts faster when they dont have to do as much manual stuff.

-0 Cam

Alexander Ewering wrote:

>On 15 Jun 2004, Juan J. Pena Mena wrote:
>>I don't know if it would be hard to code, but certainly it will be a
>>deluxe pleasure to have.  I'm tired of using 3rd party color-pickers and
>>them having to manually interpolate* the RGB values to fit the Blender
>>color system.
>Would certainly be a nice gimmick, however, I have got so used
>to using simple RGB sliders over the years that I can tell you the
>appropriate RGB values for any thought of a color you might have
>while asleep.
>But go ahead :)
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