[Bf-committers] PupColourPick

Juan J. Pena Mena bf-committers@blender.org
15 Jun 2004 23:21:28 -0400

I don't know if it would be hard to code, but certainly it will be a
deluxe pleasure to have.  I'm tired of using 3rd party color-pickers and
them having to manually interpolate* the RGB values to fit the Blender
color system.

*On 3rd Party color=3Dpickers the RGB values could be anything from 0 to
255, while in Blender they can be anything from 0.00 to 1.00, so a
simple math interpolation is needed to use one value into the other


El mar, 15 de 06 de 2004 a las 21:52, Campbell Barton escribi=C3=B3:
> I was thinking that it could be good to have a photoshop/gimp style=20
> colour picker, this could be activated if the user clicked on the colour=20
> box next to all RGB sliders.
> It would be smaller then gimps and only have the saturation/lightness=20
> (x/y) and hue (y) panes, and Id add a python hook too, this means users=20
> wouldent need to make rthere own colour picker.
> - Cam
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