[Bf-committers] Assign materials...

Ton Roosendaal bf-committers@blender.org
Tue, 15 Jun 2004 11:22:28 +0200


This is not something we should do... for several reasons;
- button operations always are on 1 single block only (object, mesh,  
material, etc)
- objects can have multiple materials linked, so what's copied?

If you want to have Materials links copied to selected objects, the  
CTRL+L menu in 3d window will do it for you. Here the menu is  
appropriate, and fits in context (meaning, a 3d window is aware of  
selections, a buttons window isn't)


On Tuesday, Jun 15, 2004, at 06:55 Europe/Amsterdam, Campbell Barton  

> Hi, ATM when you select a mat in the materials panel its only assigned  
> to teh Active object.
> I think it would be an improvement to assign the material to all  
> selected objects. There have been many times I have had to right click  
> on a heap of objects and manualy assigned materials to every one.
> Was going to write a python script to do this but decieded it would be  
> better to add it in C.
> Is this somthing that ppl would be happy to see cangged in BF-Blender?
> - Cam
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