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Rob Haarsma bf-committers@blender.org
Mon, 14 Jun 2004 13:13:30 +0200

Hey Jason,

I'm sorry to tell that the current Quicktime support in Blender consists 
only of
2D image and movie import and export. Within current scope it is doable 
to add
support for audiofiles as well, but that is basically it. There's no 
exchange on a
3D level, not even a possibility to output to QTVR.

So if you propose a cooperation between your product and Blender 3D data,
well... something like this needs to be written from scratch. Also, 
of buildings and landscapes should be possible (in time) with Blender's own
gameengine. I fear you'll have a hard time getting a coder involved in 
stuff specifically for your application. But then, I might be wrong...

Best regards,

VILLMER wrote:

> Hello to those at Blender. After taking a good, long look at your 
> product I cannot
> help but express my enthusiasm for it's potential.
> I would like to start simply by saying that I am in the process of 
> releasing a new
> Panoramic Video / QuickTime product, with the support of Apple, that 
> is targeted
> for public release this summer. Beyond the scope of our new product, 
> which is
> in itself is rather something, I would like to know more about the 
> potential fusion
> of Blender content with the QuickTime engine - especially the development
> and integration of 'walkthroughs' of buildings, landscapes etc. Any 
> information
> on how, or who, I can discuss this with Blender, please let me know.
> Best,
> Jason Villmer
> www.villmer.com
> Jason@Villmer.com
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