[Bf-committers] Todo tracker

Ton Roosendaal bf-committers@blender.org
Sun, 13 Jun 2004 13:58:47 +0200


As a trial/experiment, I've added a new tracker in the bf-blender  
project. This one is only visible and editable for logged in project  
members. What I'd like to propose, is to move 'bugs' there (or add  
reports) which are clearly and undisputable coding jobs to work on.

The Bug tracker itself is polluting a bit too much with such pending  
work, and I prefer to keep that tracker for the real errors in code  
that just has to be solved.

Todo items also can be clearly comminicated in release logs, and/or on  
a page in the development section for everyone to know what's the  
pending work. Plus of course, it could be a nice summary of work to  
hand over to new developers who like to become active.

Definitions for how to judge reports:

A bug is something that is supposed to be working code and/or intended  
to work by the developer.

A todo issue is missing functionality, which logically could be there,  
and which matches the intentions (and design) of the code and of the  
Such a 'todo' can just be added to Blender by anyone with just an  
approval of the module owner.

A feature request is new functionality, usually requiring new design,  
new code, and/or altering parts of the architecture to make possible.  
Only when a feature request is well documented, approved, and can be  
simply executed by anyone, it can be moved to the 'todo' tracker.

Anything graphics related we can't really solve - apart from patching  
Blender for specific drivers.

Reports needing help with compiling, or misinterpreted functionality,  

Some examples:

- TODO: "Ray_transp filters image textures wrong".
It's like a bug yes, but actually it is just missing code which already  
resided on my todo list.

- TODO: "Themes missing UV window settings"
Just missing code too

- BUG: "Delete all vertices of path crashes"
Such crashes are just bugs. But; crashes due to bad memory usage (using  
3 gig mem or so) are feature requests, since it requires quite some  
architecture work in Blender to make it failsafe for memory overflows.

- TODO: "Mandrake 10 libstdc++ error"
For me compile errors for (new) OS or compiler distributions are not  
bugs at all, but pending work for the platform maintainers to check on.


Ton Roosendaal  Blender Foundation ton@blender.org