[Bf-committers] DOF camera parameters.- Alexander

Jonathan Merritt bf-committers@blender.org
Fri, 11 Jun 2004 00:37:34 +1000

car wrote:

> On Jun 10, 2004, at 7:52 AM, Alexander Ewering wrote:
>> Well! I would have if I had any clue on compiling on windows, but I was
>> totally sure that one single person in a community almost entirely
>> consisting of windows users would be able to compile one ;-)
> Heh you left the code in such an old CVS version that I could find no 
> one at all to help try and build it, they all told me that you should 
> have moved on with the rest of the crowd. Is there no way that you 
> could try and update it's CVS ? That way someone (like meee ^v^) could 
> try and compile it for everyone to test ?

If you have a CVS tree of your own, you could try merging in the latest 
Blender CVS code.  This is what the Tuhopuu people do to keep up-to-date 
with the main BF-Blender tree.  I've done it once, with, errmm... 
"mixed" success, to keep the Aqsis tree up-to-date with Tuhopuu. 

There are instructions in the CVS manual.  Online here:
Chris Want, from Tuhopuu, pointed me at those when I faced the problem 

As far as the question of feature inclusions go, here's my 2 cents:
Basically, every GPL project has maintaners and committers, whose job is 
to direct the course of software, and, in some cases, decide against 
inclusions of particular code/features.  Generally, these people have 
the roles they do because of their experience, or simply because they 
were willing to do the work when others weren't.  In general, I think 
it's always best to respect the opinion of these people.  This is not 
un-democratic, because the GPL license allows *anyone* to start a fork 
if they thought that the majority would follow their lead.  However, to 
retain their community of developers and users, the project maintainers 
must be sensitive to the requirements. 

In this area, I think Ton has done an incredible job - certainly among 
the best of any Open Source identity I've ever come across.  If he 
opposes a particular feature, the first question that comes into my mind 
is: why?  I'm sure there must be a reason; and I'm guessing Ton will 
have a reasonable answer to that question that has the community's best 
interests at heart.

Jonathan Merritt.