[Bf-committers] Array in blenders edit panel.

Campbell Barton bf-committers@blender.org
Sat, 05 Jun 2004 09:14:55 +1000

Hi, I made a python array script (that evolved into a tree maker) but 
would still like to add basic array functionality into blender.

This could be added as a panel thet only appiers in object mode.
ATM there are only 2 panels in object mode so there is easerly room for 
another 2 (On the UI front).

There are functions in edit mode but these only work on mesh objects.
Dupliverts can do most of these things but there are advantages in both 
If you want to make 1 objects 1.122 apart then its a fiddle to do with 
dupliverts (Requires some brain power)

The array function would have operate on all selected objects.
Have x/y/z num sliders for LOC/ROT/SCALE and an iterations slider
Other functions are
- follow rotation (so motion follows rotation)
- Scale, scales offset. (so objects the tget smaller are also closet 
- Get Modifier from selected (Use the difference between the active and 
another selected object to set the LOC/SIZE/ROT)
- Mode: Accelerate/Tween (Use the modifier values for each iteration OR 
devide the values by the iteration num and then apply make teh array)

What thinks you people?
- Can