[Bf-committers] OOPS Parenting & Patch

Campbell Barton bf-committers@blender.org
Fri, 04 Jun 2004 11:11:25 +1000

I like the idea of users setting up parent/child stuff with the mouse, 
as well as Key Shortcuts. since the key shortcuts allow you to set up 
many children at once.

Im lookin at adding spline curves to the oops view- I think it would 
make links more obvious (as to where there going from/to)
Any comments on this?

- Cam

Matt Ebb wrote:

> On 4 Jun 2004, at 2:41 AM, Alexander Ewering wrote:
>> Sorry, this is probably more appropriate for bf-funboard, but then 
>> again,
>> I wasn't the one with the first post :-)
> No, incessant whining and flamebait is appropriate neither here nor on 
> bf-funboard. It's getting tiresome and distracting. If you've got a 
> concrete proposal or a relevant point to make, do it like Stephen, 
> succinctly and on-topic.
> To try and be somewhat constructive here, well, it looks like there's 
> a communication breakdown if two people on this list (including 
> Campbell, an experienced professional user and developer) are unsure 
> that this feature exists or of how it works. Indeed there's nothing in 
> the interface that even suggests it's possible. In Shake, you can 
> manipulate the layout of nodes freely, and then select them for 
> editing by clicking on a UI control on the selected node. ( 
> http://mke3.net:9000/blender/ui/misc/shake_node_sel.png ) We could 
> adopt a similar method for the OOPS window, keeping the 
> ctrl-click-to-activate behaviour, too. You know, right-brained artists 
> wanting to think visually and all that crazy stuff... Who would have 
> thought.
> Matt

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